étagère salle de Bain étagère hammam ou cuisine

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Produit: étagère salle de Bain étagère hammam ou cuisine

The product is extremely easy to build up. The product can be easily cleaned to keep it looking fresh and new all of the time, giving your kitchen an added shine, It is built to an extremely high quality and has a professional looking finish, and with its sleek design it is sure to fit into any Kitchen. Make full use of extra space to store and effectively solve the problem of the kitchen's clutter. Drawing and design meticulously, product is generous and detailed. Suitable for a variety of home and environment. This rack divided into two layers, so in the above layer, you can also place glass, plate and so on.Perfect to store your microwave oven, toaster, and other baking accessories. Multi layers for you to choose. Easy to arrange any microwave oven can be placed on the board (very safe)Storage racks there are so many things it can be used for, the list is endless.Tidy up your messy chicken ,let each object has its own position.Practical, space saving, storage unit. Perfect for the microwave and other kitchen appliances!...imageimageimage

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