5 In 1 Beauty Face Care Massager Electric Facial Clean Brush Massaging Tool

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Produit: 5 In 1 Beauty Face Care Massager Electric Facial Clean Brush Massaging Tool

5 in 1 beauty face care massager cleans the face for preparation of applying creams, exfoliates dead skin cells and massages the skin. It contains 5&nbsp,multi-function&nbsp,replaceable heads, which are available for you to use according&nbsp,to your different requirements, providing you a thorough spa for your facial skin.

  • Adopting dual frequency transmission technology and rotation&nbsp,technology, which can perfectly massage your facial skin to clean the facial pores, blackhead and cutin without&nbsp,hurting your skin.
  • Detachable design allows you change the different massager head and uninstall them for easy clean and wash.
  • With high and low switch buttons to adjust the strength&nbsp,as per your needs. Low switch for cleansing dirt, grime, pores, while high switch for exfoliating dead skin cells and cutin. &nbsp,
  • 5 multi-function replaceable heads are available for you to use according&nbsp,to your different requirements, which provides you a thorough spa for your facial skin.
  • Massage and application of cream or lotion&nbsp,to better penetrate the skin and keep it nourished and hydrated.
  • Portable and light weight material is convenient to carry anywhere.

Effects of 5 different heads:
Matte Head: Removing hard cells under foot or elbow, smooth and tender your skin.
Two sponge heads: Massage and clean the skin under the eye area and around the face for eliminating the tiredness&nbsp,of eyes, reducing the black circles.&nbsp,
Roller Massager: Helps promote blood circulation, improve skin texture, prevent skin ageing for a younger looking skin.&nbsp,
Nylon brush: Clears the dirt found on the skin's surface, reducing the pigmentum.&nbsp,

Massager Material: Plastic
Massager Head Material: Nylon + Sponge + Plastic + Matte
Operated Battery: 2 X AA Battery (not included)
Color: As Pictures Show
Massager Length: 13.2cm / 5.2inch
Massager Head Diameter: 3.5cm / 1.4inch
Package Weight: 160g
Type: Massagers
Function: Massage And Clean The Skin Under The Eye Area And Around The Face, Eliminating The Tiredness&nbsp,Of Eyes, Reducing Black Circles, Removing Hard Cells, Dead Skin Cells And Cutin, Promote Blood Circulation, Prevent Skin Ageing

How To Use:
1. Put 2 AA batteries into the battery grip.
2. Moisturize your skin with mild water and apply the facial cleanser onto your face.
3. Install the massager head according to your needs.
4. Turn on the switch, massage your face, please care that there are high and low switches, matte massager head and nylon brush only can be used with low switch.
5. After using, power off the switch and take off the massager head.
6. Clean the massage part with mild water and dry it with soft towel.
7. Wash the used massager head with water gently, do not damage it.

Package Include:
1 x Face Massager
1 x Brush Head
1 x Roller Massager
2 x Sponge Heads

1. 2AA batteries and other things in the pictures are not included.
2. Clean all the accessories with water (don't use alcohol, gas or detergent) & keep the temperature within 50.
3. Keep the inner part of the cleaning brush clean.
4. Please air-dry the unit after long-time use.&nbsp,

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