distributeur automatique de dentifrice + porte-brosse à dents

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Produit: distributeur automatique de dentifrice + porte-brosse à dents

Automatic toothpaste to squeeze Instructions: 1. Fixed squeeze toothpaste way; will be fixed automatic toothpaste to clean the wall, use a clean rag to wipe the two sides of the plastic film torn fixed in the chest the appropriate location. 2. Open the front cover. 3. Gently pinch the squeeze button on both sides separated from the fuselage. 4. Pull the toothpaste inhaler out of the front. 5. Push the new toothpaste firmly into the toothpaste inhaler. 6. Insert the inserted toothpaste and inhaler together with the original site. 7. The squeeze button assembly to the original site. 8. Cover the lid. Feature: Material:Plastic Feature:Stocked Color : White/rose red Due to lighting effect and computer color, the actual colors may be slightly different from the picture. Package included: 1Pcs ( no retail box) Note: The first use to push the squeeze button 5-8 times, until the toothpaste out. The best use of new toothpaste, if the toothpaste is old, first squeeze the remaining toothpaste to the hand of toothpaste, do not have air into the suction port. Pick up the toothbrush and push the toothbrush head at the push rod to push it out.The first use to promote the pressure bar 5-8 times, should take the air out of the dispenser exhausted filled with toothpaste. This product is based on the depth of toothpaste to promote toothpaste extrusion volume.




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